New Release Embraces Nature While Teaching Opposites

To counteract "Nature-Deficit Disorder," a new release from Barefoot Books plays with words for opposites while portraying children enjoying the natural world. The book for ages 3-7, Outdoor Opposites, includes an enhanced CD with a sing-a-long to encourage children to sing and act out the various antonym pairs. Macy Koch has written a nice description of the book here. … Click to read the entire article …

Book Review: The Animal Boogie

Down in the jungle, come if you dare!
What can you see shaking here and there?

The Animal Boogie

The Animal Boogie is seven, four-line rhyming verses, each with two color pages of illustrations in the style you see on the cover, above, each followed by a chorus with another two pages of illustrations. The rhythm is catchy and danceable – and so is the melody, which you will find in the CD stuck to the back cover, as well as printed at the end of the story. … Click to read the entire article …

Why Host a Barefoot Books Party?

Young boy studying a book
Inspire a Reader

To inspire a reader! Children love a good story, especially one with beautiful illustrations. Explore quality children’s books together.

Earn books for your children or raise funds for your nonprofit. A Barefoot Books Ambassador (who could be me if I live near you) will cheerfully bring all the books you need, set them up, and manage the sales for you. … Click to read the entire article …